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Business Succession Planning

We specialize in helping successful business owners create financial balance and purpose, driven by their own vision of the future. Business owner planning is very different from traditional personal financial planning and thus brings a whole new level of financial planning opportunities to the forefront.

From necessary partnership agreements and selecting the most tax-favorable business structure, to the complex transfer of assets to family members outside of the enterprise, we specialize in planning for the unique circumstances that face business owners at every stage of their business’ existence.

Our goal is to simplify the business owner planning process to its essence, empowering business owners to do what they do best - make sound and appropriate decisions to move their enterprise and financial situation forward.

Our business planning services include:

  • Assistance with selecting and establishing a tax-favorable business structure
  • Recommendations for choosing, creating, and funding a qualified company retirement plan
  • A strategic plan for business continuation in the event of premature death or disability of you, a partner, or a key employee
  • Design and implementation of an exit strategy that incorporates your goals and objectives for both your business and your personal life