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Estate Planning Strategies

Proper estate and legacy planning strategies are essential to ensure that your wealth will be preserved and distributed according to your wishes after you ultimately pass away. Without a proper estate plan in place, your assets will be distributed according to state and federal laws, not necessarily based on your intentions, and possibly eaten away by costly lawyer fees and taxes.

Working closely with your trusted attorney, we help you get a written and legal estate plan in place and help execute that plan based on your goals and wishes. Our objective is to help you keep as much of your estate value as possible in the hands of those you choose.

Our estate & charitable planning services include:

  • A discussion of will and trust design strategies and coordination with a trusted attorney to get your estate plan in place
  • Coordination of your estate plan with your overall financial plan by reviewing beneficiary elections and titling of accounts and properties
  • Recommendations and implementing strategies designed to reduce estate taxes
  • Identification of charitable planning strategies that align with your values
  • Facilitation of family discussions to prepare heirs to be good stewards of the wealth that they will inherit

*Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. does not offer legal or tax advice. One should seek the guidance of their own tax or legal advisor on such matters.